Sales Rehab hosted by Frank Visgatis

Episode 1: What We Can Learn About Selling from the Democratic National Convention

Episode 2: Sales Lessons from the NFL and Selling Messages from the Presidential Debate

Episode 3: The Fiscal Cliff and…It Is What It Is!

Episode 4: Lone Wolves vs. Team Players

Bonus Episode 5: Recorded Replay of
5 Key Sales Drivers and Metrics to Making Your Number in 2013

Episode 6: Discussion with Victor Antonio on Sales Credibility and Social Media Tools

Episode 7: Discussion with Chip Eichelberger on How to Best Position Yourself for a Successful Year. Learn more about “Get Switched On” with Chip today!

Episode 8: Discussion with Patricia Fripp on What to Do Once You Finally Get In Front of Your Buyer

Episode 9: Discussion with Julio Viskovich about How to Use Social Media to Make Yourself a Valuable Asset to Prospects and Buyers

Episode 10: Business Radio X Talks Sales with Frank Visgatis

Episode 11: REPLAY: “Reducing the Pain of Prospecting” with Mark Roberge and John Holland

Episode 12: How to be Successful in Sales with guest Eric Lofholm

Episode 13: Discussion with Michael Higgins about Financial Impact Selling

Episode 14: REPLAY: “How to Win MORE, Higher Margin Opportunities through Financial Impact”

Episode 15: Exclusive, In-depth Conversation with Jill Konrath about Sales, Trends and Valuable Tips for Today’s Seller

Episode 16: Exclusive Conversation with Tom Ziglar about Sales, Importance of Trust, the “Performance Formula” and Much More!

Episode 17: [PART 1] Roundtable Discussion with Special Guest, Dr. Geoffrey Moore and CCS® Chief Content Officer, John Holland

Episode 18: [PART 2] Roundtable Discussion with Special Guest, Dr. Geoffrey Moore and CCS® Chief Content Officer, John Holland

Episode 19: Special Guest and Best-selling Author, Rita Gunther McGrath, Joins the Show

Episode 20: Sales Rehab Welcomes Social Selling Evangelist, Jill Rowley

Episode 21: Former Apple Chief Evangelist, Founder of Alltop and Chief Evangelist of Canva, Guy Kawasaki, joins Sales Rehab

Episode 22: REPLAY: “How to Win MORE through Understanding Buyer Needs”

Episode 23: Objective Management Group Founder, Dave Kurlan, joins Sales Rehab

Episode 24: Best of 2015 Sales Rehab – Highlights

Episode 25: Fox Business Columnist Steve Tobak Joins Frank for a Candid Discussion about Business, Sales/Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Episode 26: Ken Allred from Primary Intelligence Talks Buyer Needs

Episode 27: Koka Sexton, Head of Social Media for LinkedIn and Founder of Social Selling Labs, Talks about Social Selling

Episode 28: Jeb Blount from Sales Gravy Talks Fanatical Prospecting