Custom Sales Training

Frank Visgatis is a sales improvement expert who has personally helped thousands of organizations worldwide to move the needle on revenue and drive the bottom line. His custom, sales training workshops help sales teams:

  • Greatly improve sales performance
  • Increase forecasting accuracy
  • Consistently boost sales and revenue year over year
  • Improve prospect and pipeline qualification
  • Lead with value, not product, putting the customer’s goals/problems/needs first and center to the sales process
  • Shorten the buying cycle
  • Stop losing to “no decisions”
  • Reduce cost of sale

Ready to take your Sales to the next level?

What is the sales methodology that Frank teaches in his sales workshops?

Frank co-founded CustomerCentric Systems, LLC in 2002 and co-authored the CustomerCentric Selling® methodology that has been delivered to thousands of sales organizations around the globe. Centered around the buyer, not the seller, the CustomerCentric Selling® sales methodology teaches sellers how to align with how buyers buy, mapping a repeatable, systematic sales process that can be followed to take a prospect from interest development to closure.

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How long do the sales training workshops last?

Typical workshop programs are structured to be three and half days long. This allows necessary time to not only instruct students on the learned sales process, but to also allow adequate time for interactive, hands-on role plays and group exercises that reinforce the material taught.

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Will it stick?

Training in the classroom is only the beginning. Behavior modification is key to long-term sales success and requires daily practice.

Following the sales training workshop, Frank provides each student with a complimentary 60-day subscription to My CCS® Coach, an online, and mobile-friendly application designed to help guide sellers in the process they have been taught. My CCS® Coach:

  • Guides the user through the CustomerCentric Selling® sales process that Frank teaches in class
  • Provides “just-in-time” information
  • Grants access to Sales Ready Messaging® tools, which helps sales reps flawlessly execute skills through consistent, repeated exercise and practice.

How much are Frank’s sales training workshops?

Pricing is determined based on size of the sales organization (how many students will be trained), and customization of the material to be geared towards your offering/market.

Where will the workshop take place?

Frank will travel and come onsite to your corporate facility or location of choice to deliver the sales training.